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We have new moving boxes and various other items including special items that can be custom designed.  For more information and prices please call 1-541-882-2578.

(in cubic feet)
L x W x H Suggested Uses
Book Box, 1.5 cube (16x13x13) Books, CDs, records, hand tools, canned goods, dry food, wine, kitchen utensils
Linen Box, 3.1 cube (18x18x17) Linens, folded clothes, pots and pans, toys, lampshades, pillows
Linen Box, 4.5 cube (18x18x24) Linens, folded clothes, pots and pans, toys, lamp shades, quilts, pillows
Linen Box, 6.1 cube (23x20x23) Larger blankets, pillows, comforters
Dish Pack, 5.2 cube (double-wall cardboard for extra protection) (18x18x27) Dishes, china, glassware, lamps, and other fragile items. Most anything fragile that fits.
Laydown Wardrobe Box (40x18x08) Flat storage of hanging clothes. Beware-clothing more prone to wrinkling in a laydown wardrobe than in a standard wardrobe.
Standard Wardrobe Boxes (with a metal bar for hanging clothes) (18x21x46) Clothing hangs neatly during the move. Boxes can also be used to store seasonal clothing in your new home. Hats can be packed in the bottom. Also good for long items such as gift wrap and fishing poles.
Lamp Box (12x12x40) Long, narrow lampshades and other items
Letter File Box (24x13x11) Perfectly sized for hanging letter-sized files
Legal File Box (24x16x12) Perfectly sized for hanging legal-sized files
Packing Tape   For sealing and labeling cartons
Paper Ream (25 Lbs.) Just like the newspaper used for the Boston Globe, but without the ink--(keeps your belongings clean and ink-free)
Paper Pad (60x72) Use like gift-wrap to protect your paintings, large mirrors, and other fragile items or fine wood
Mirror/Picture Cartons 20x30;
Pictures, mirrors, and wall hangings. Each carton measures 4" wide, allowing 2-3 items per box.
Bubble Wrap (1" bubbles, 24' x 250'/roll) Great for extra-fragile items.

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